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tuesday 26/09/2006

Got a couple of strikers, one max'd other untrained. What can you offer?

Ill thrade u for the titan

monday 25/09/2006

Fifty 2500
Vermyn N 3000
will take offers for these and other bangers all fully evolved

FiFty 2500 fully evolved
Vermyn N 3000 fully evolved
these and other bangers as listed or reasonable offer all fully evolved

Have syd noze lvl 3 maxed...sell u 4 1000...how?

Omg I am double poster but now it is 3000C!
Buy it!

Lol sorry again for the double post but the prices got changed.
Vermyn N- 3700 now.
Fifty- 4300 now.
And Platoona and bodenpower sold.

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Got 2x Lao lvl 5
Dorian lvl 3
Phonos lvl 2
and Tanaereva lvl 3

For trade

Looking for
Sum Sam
DJ Korr
Lyse Teria
or Armanda

Lookin to trade any combination (within reason) for the following cards, Wardog, Jane Rumba, Amiral Py, Mitch, William, Chloe.... holla back younginz... WOO WOOO

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U have a lot of clintz, u should save all of it and get something super strong

It is level 5

1350 for ielena? are you sick or drunk? smiley

sunday 24/09/2006

Sell lvl 3 mitch 400 clinmtz only problem i can`t trade smiley

I have mort bax and tafa both at full level for both 1000?

U might as well put it in the market, cuz i can tell u now that no 1 is gonna buy it from u here

Yur a noob smp4010

Lol try harder dude.

Ill buy your nobrocybix for 300

I will trade my card for ur cards

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