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sunday 31/12/2006


I am buying a Copper (U)(sentinal) and/or Lost Hog (C)(Fang Pi Clang)!!!!! say ur offers. i hav-
Lino Borsa (C)-maxed
Leo (C)-maxed
Meyen (C)-maxed
Meroo (C)-maxed
Phonos (U)-maxed
Candy Jack (C)-maxed
Venus (C)-maxed
Globumm (C)-maxed.
i presently also hav about 1200 clintz.
tell me if u wanna trade any one or the money for Lost Hog (C) or/and Copper (U).

saturday 30/12/2006

Copper's not that good. any stop ability and he's in serious trouble.

As stated in title, looking for nicer high end cards in general and GraksmxxT in particular. The girl is at lvl. 3 (ofc)
Would prefer if you sent a message rather than the boards since they take kinda long, but i guess the boards do fine.
Cab also sell it for 'round 27k.

How about lost hog at lvl 3 ????

friday 29/12/2006

Exactly my thoughts, Arshner! That is what I meant, in a way. LOL

Jborris, I think that is what you should do...just a thought.


Trading Morphun for Tyler.Offers?

Thank you verry muchsmiley

I see you got a little sale

I am sellin
Macumba lvl 4
Baby Q lvl 4
Ninja Nyne lvl 4
Tania lvl 4
Yayoi lvl 4

If anybody wants to...I can sell this all together in a pack for 22000 (thats cheaper then you would find on the market if you bought them one by one) As it is nearly NEW YEAR!

I wanna buy a uranus max. how much for it????

Come here to buy dan wish u all merry christine and happy new yearsmiley

thursday 28/12/2006

I'm looking to buy Lyse Teria CR for less than a million Clintz. Msg me if you're interested in selling her.

Ok i will give wanda for 1500smiley

I'm toreador, lol! hahaha! smileysmiley

wednesday 27/12/2006

smileyim not luli im iuli

More like 8000 clintz

I would like to trade KIki lvl 4 (i nearly got it up to lvl 5) and Macumba lvl 4 (at its max) and Zdrone lvl 4 (at its max) for GraksmxxT or Jackie no matter what level they are...

or trade Tanaereva and Uranus for Macumba lvl 4 and zdrone lvl 4 I need Tanaereva and Uranus no metter what level

15000!!!!!! thats like the cost of one kiki man

anyway this offer is closed


How much for Fifty??

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