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thursday 31/08/2006

Ill give you 12 000. deal? i only hav 12567 clints

I dont have those card but can u sell me baby Q fo a nice prce. i would also like it maxed if you have it please. i have 12000 clints

I have lelena. i wulrade it for a max baby Q

How stupid can you be....posting the code on an open forum....

by the way, you can get credits now per phone in the U.S. of A.

I am looking to buy pretty much any leader if it is cheap

Buying Nanook my starting offer 1,300 Clintz

wednesday 30/08/2006

Can anybody help, got any card going cheep, real cheep?

Only got 56 clintz

Ill buy admiraly py for 400

tuesday 29/08/2006

How much 4 billy bob

How much r u sellin them 4

How much?

Sorry I already sold both.

Sorry, deal was made

monday 28/08/2006

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I have Copper level 4 and will trade for a credit purchase code for the shop, since i dont have trade privelages yet. I also have Yayoi level 3, Mort Bax level 4, and others that could be used in the deal.

sunday 27/08/2006


How much for tunned ill take it for 100-350

Well i wasnt askin u was i

Ill take a methane how much

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