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tuesday 15/08/2006

Just write them down as alist it is easier that way

No. bridget worth higher thAN that. viva la jason, so how about it? ill take those credits

I really want some girl cards

I want probably 100 credits. and ill get u an ashigaru like lv. 3

monday 14/08/2006

Humm yes I just bought Kinjo, so I won't trade it for nothing...

U cant even trade goofy!

!!! LEVEL 4 Wee Lee 4 only 4666 !!! at the market
jeah it s truth buy him

Wat do u want. i have some cards u may need

Give me offers on rare cards on either to sell or trade.

Give me the list of rare cards u would trade.

sunday 13/08/2006

Still Buying:

Mort Bax

Wat lvls r the ones that u r trading?

I wil also sell a lvl 3 (max) vryer for 1000 clinz if u want it

saturday 12/08/2006

I buying natrang from u please?

I got Lost Hog fully evolved, how much do you have for it?

I dont have anymore clints people. i bought cards long time ago. ill let u know when i have more

friday 11/08/2006

Dude can u go lower than that??

thursday 10/08/2006

Here's the bottom line, and I can see Fraggle's and the game's side of this.
If that rule wasn't in place, the company would lose money on an extreme level.
Most people wouldn't pay money for credits, because they could just work an account up enough have 50 clintz, sell cards to themselves, and trade off all their dupes for the free cards they got when they created their second account by selling a card to their 2nd account, and rinse repeat until they had most of the collection.

The buying credits at least prevents this on some scale since the company has to benefit at least marginally for this to occur, and if you're gonna go through all that trouble and end up spending money anyway you may as well just do it for the one account.

This benefits you too because it keeps the game around and alive for you to enjoy. Servers, domain names, etc are not cheap, and as such they have to raise capital just to cover that, not to mention paying people like Fraggle here, the programmers who work quite hard to make the game what it is, etc.

And really compared to other CCGs this one is relatively inexpensive. 20 bucks american to get 400 credits which gets you 8 of the 8 card packs, is a really inexpensive way to get a starting collection. You can't get 8 packs of any other CCG and have a playable deck for I can think of for 20 bucks.
Sure you can buy starter decks for 20 bucks and they're "playable" but they tend to not be that great.

So really as far as CCGs go this is one of the best deals out there.

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