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thursday 18/01/2007

Hi everone if you have striker im buying him for 410 clintz

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Not Hugo but Timber because I need it.smileysmiley smileysmiley

wednesday 17/01/2007

Hi can i buy that card for 100 clintz

Why cuz thats not his name

Ei como eu ganho cerditos me emcina eu so tenho 1 de cretido e 135 de ctz me emcina ok smileysmileysmileysmiley

tuesday 16/01/2007

Im buying a macumba lvl 1 for 6k pm me or private sale it to me and ill buy it as soon as i get on

monday 15/01/2007

Nope everything is fine.
you can just send private sales to you smiley

Any1 willing to sell Igniss give me your prices

I'll offer you 400 Nate_Dogg but too bad you can't sell your cards because you have not bought any credits from the shop.

I'll sell.. what do you want to give for it?

Sell aurelia all exp FOR 500 AND PINO ALL EXP 500

sunday 14/01/2007

Offer closed.Havok was sould smiley

saturday 13/01/2007

4000 for dragan put me in private sales =p

thursday 11/01/2007

Give it to me for 100 please

Do you have kinjo or charlie


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