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tuesday 20/02/2007

How much u want for hear

Buying leaders nad ill buy some cheap cards too

Selling jim for 4950/6000 this is because if some one yust wanted to buy it for 4950 some other can buy it for more the person that gives biggest amount for jim in tomorrow gets him

First must by credits from shop then you can sell card on market

Msg me and give me a price (dont replay here)
no ridiculos offers

I'll pay 1500 for Kinjo

Im looking for any Montana member card for a level 2 Halley...plz

Pay 400 for zatman.


monday 19/02/2007

Anyone have a Claus they will trade for a lvl 2 Wanda, a Lvl 2 (almost 3) Meyen and a lvl 2 Globumm?

Ok, but i dont know how to trade, plz pm mesmiley

Sorry this has been closed a month

Can u put the klaus in my private sales waiting for 2000 ill buy him
please i will buy him

I have all of those but i cant sell them to you because i have not bought credits

Ill sell you him at lvl 4 for 6500

sunday 18/02/2007

Thanks for the Bryan trade Nitz52,
GGs! smiley

Selling olso
-Marlysa lvl2 (MAX)-->>15000$
-Morphun lvl2-->>4000$

For dieter 800$ and traumaturge 1300$

So, if anyone has her, below market price and willing to help me out, please pm me smiley

Baby q maxed
starting at 12,000 whoever has the highest bid wins

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