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friday 27/07/2007

Il do it

Buying boris zoltan titus nantasia grazilla

Lunatik leveled up for 670 clintz

Already got one thanks smiley

This is an example of spam on this message board. While this post is much less offensive than other posts, you can see that everyone is just guessing/asking at what the prices might be. It creates confusion and would be much better if these cards were listed as available for trade, or if the player offering the cards for sale chose his sale prices and posted them on the market for what he wants to sell the cards for.

Buying a chad bread card maxed for at least 250..AT LEAST 250.....maxed..pm me pls

thursday 26/07/2007

Im lookign for a fully evolovdd lost hog for my lvl 4 lost hog and 400 clintz. pm me for a fast response

Ill buy bryan,havok and wee lee name price

I got kenny and python graff from them

If anybody has one of these 3 and is willing to trade or sell, can you pm me?


It's the average on my collection

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Hii everybody i smiley
i need zatman right now for the ELO so please sell it to me in private for something like the 3000 clintz

Okies, after the deluge of good offers I managed to get one thanks. Please close thread

wednesday 25/07/2007

I have Zdrone in level 3

Razor and

I will give you a Sigmund Cr for all of the cards above...private message me for the trading details

I want to buy a Dorian (any level) for 4000 clintz.

If you wish to sell me your Dorian for that price (or lower, if you wish smiley ), just put it on my private sales.

Thanks! smiley


tuesday 24/07/2007

Givin over 200,000 cl of cards for cardssigmund and up

How much for timber send me an offer smiley

Hey i have a elya but if u can give me the cards i need i will give u the elya card

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