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tuesday 24/07/2007

I will trade you a maxed Kenny for a maxed Chloe, Havok, or Skullface Cr.

Bridget and vansaar are sold



For a cheap cost please

Does anyone have:

Jane Ramba
Amiral Py

For cheap?

I have Frankie Hi and Gina Glitt smiley

What Lvl?

Ok here it is one crassus for 500, dacha 250, dieter 350, k cube 250 ,and the last one is nanastasia plz repost if interested

Ey,Tyler For 600 clintz sell on private if u want

monday 23/07/2007

Buying zatman for 6500 ctzsmiley

Hey i`m looking for bridget or morphun cheap

Looking for Gertud, any help would be most appreciated


Buying bridget

Its better to get it faster though

How much will you buy it

smiley Me Want Leader:Vanssar

sunday 22/07/2007

I was wondering when you buy credits whats the amount you have to buy before you can trade?
how much money is the lowest deck of credits?
is it worth the money to get credits and trade?

if you answer to these questions thank you so so so much!!!!!!!!smiley

He want to buy not sell

Buy some credits and i will give you 170 clints

Do you whant Diyo?

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