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saturday 23/09/2006

I have bunch of characters, but i may not have the one you'll need, let me know what yall want and we will work something out.

friday 22/09/2006

Too bad he can't trade...

I only have 700 plz help me

I have one Wanda for you...which cards could you give me instead of it

Wtb = want to buy

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Isell for 4k

If anyone has tyler, please tell me. i will trade or buy

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I sell my Dorian lvl 3 8/3
for 4k

thursday 21/09/2006

Selling cards either publicly or privately on the open market require at least one purchase of credits at the shop (using phone, text msg, credit
card or paypal).
Buying cards on the open market (or privately) is fully available to everyone from the start.

How much do you want for lilith? I also have a max tunned if you want to trade

i have to sell it for 25,000 is that okay cause i only have a 100 clintz please

wednesday 20/09/2006

I got a rebecca i'll trade

I got uranus that i'll trade, what junkerz you got?

I need uppers, so if anyone is selling an upper please tell me

I'm trading a maxed Ambre for a maxed Ashigaru if u have an extra, I'll pay additional clintz if need be

tuesday 19/09/2006

smiley If you enybody wan't sponsored me i be verry grateful!!!!smiley

I am selling a wee lee for 4000

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