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friday 22/06/2007

No some are worth 600k or less(4 that i need)

I have 2 Tanaereva msg me

thursday 21/06/2007

If you have them specially kiki, armand, nahi, beltran or page just pm me for the price.. make it reasonable and pls lower than the market price..



I am lookign for Kinjo any offevers

Nid Rosa cheap only pm me me with the price smiley

Price went down, starting at 8900 clintz

wednesday 20/06/2007

I have , Vickie

I have a swidz and a graksmxxt, both maxed out. Do you have any clintz or other cards?

I will buy your lvl2 vansar for 3500

If you have ROSA could sell to me cheap, please message me .and tell me how much do you want at least.
by the way , I sill want to buy Kawan and Malmoth.

Offer Mojo - 3star

Need card with 7-8 power or min market price -100

tuesday 19/06/2007

Sell clara at level 4, one combat away for evo

Topic closed got it.

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I know it cheap but a guy can hope smiley

I sold him two weeks ago

I'll trade him or buy him , I want lowest level possible, so I'm offering about 5000-6000 or I'll trade him, also interested in oher senteinels. lmk

I have gertrud(r) and amiral py(u) i want senteinels if you have...if you want these

I Nid Not Max Copper. . Just Pm me. .

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