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tuesday 19/06/2007

I'll buy Ambrose Cr for 10000 clintz.

8500 ashigaru

If someone has havok and willing to trade lmk

How much are you selling kenny and charlie

How much will you sell splatasmiley

monday 18/06/2007

Already got the card smiley

deal done smiley

Yayoi 3500, Feelyn 2300

Hey everyone out there is anyone willing to sell me any la junta or sentinel for around 250 clintz

Trade closed, card sold

Ill give u a copper, vladimir and 5000 clintz for A Award and Thaumaturge

Thanks but no thanks them. This deal I can do by market for the same price.
Good luck though

650 for Nina.
1.8k for Striker.

Pm me what you think please.


Oh my god,really,McCannilbal? i cant say any word, i love him.thank you .

Lvl1?!?! i bought a lvl3 amy for 350 smiley

THANKS WHITEY!!! and lilking..............nice accent

sunday 17/06/2007

I have lamar and alexei, how much are u offering me or what do u have to trade

I have Hugo maxxed. Pm me for what you have to offer.

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