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sunday 25/11/2007

What card is it?

Title says all talk 2 me for trade

Have a zatman

saturday 24/11/2007

I can sell u bridget pm me wid ur offer

I got a maxed gibson but idk if Asassin has already sold to you...

I got 1 maxed...how much u buy for?

Anyone who is willing to sell graksxxT for 7000!!!^__smiley__smiley__smiley__smiley__smiley__smiley__smiley__^

Buying kiki cr 4mill

You're right, I'm closing this subject now and whoever tries to sell a card when he can't sell will be blacklisted for creating useless subjects

It was for whorever sellz you t3h rarez

Somebody plz sell me that card plz

Maybe you mean a 3 star Kerozzin.

Ill buy hax for 1500

friday 23/11/2007

Ill sell u my marco

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To make it more clear for the ones interested you have to use those abreviations in front of the subject but ALSO to write the cards so that the players can see if they are interested just by reading the title, for example, the title should be "[EXCH] gaia(max lvl) for Zatman and Dorian" and in the text of the subject to state more clearly the rest of the conditions

Actually will pay 22k

Im looking for baby q everybody hos interesed pm me


Jerre i know - i just try to saying - dont post ridicoulos prices like 10 000 000

B>Leviatonn for 2500 clintz. Interested please msg me thank you!

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