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friday 23/11/2007

B>Leviatonn for 2500 clintz. Interested please msg me thank you!

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K well, buying Linda lvl 1 for 2000 and Lulubee for 1000 clintz. Just private trade me.

I'll give you my kenny maxed for all three

Yayoi for less than 1500..any level..waiting for your message..
feelyn for less than 600..any level..waiting for your message..smiley

thursday 22/11/2007

Im looking for gwen 1 lev for cheep price i need 5 gwen

What are you looking for here are my extras right now:
Juicy Lord x2
Peeler x2
Dlores Boss
Elly Mae
Hax x2

I will sell u maxed gibson, pm me back

Will you trad ashigaru for morphun

I want to buy Buger from la junta but i only will pay 550

Sorry it was a joke but i dont like to read i need rare cards for cheap or i need cards for free youst play and earn clints and credits and you can buy cards for fair prices or buy credits

Right for trade you must buy credits on tine and with luck you got cards you want

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I think it nonsen to post thist watch the market price

I got Dan (maxed) smiley i'll sell for 15o clintz

I got a Vermyn N thats maxed leveled....Offer please

Well actually the auction already ended if you read the post..smiley

Sell me copper please lowest price possible that you want

Sorry i already brought bridget.
so i just bit hugo for 1600 smiley

I sell u bridget if u still buy pm asap i guess

Willing to buy a maxed ratanah for 900 clintz!!!!!

pm me for any offers!!!!

Hey ma8 wana buy bridget

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