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sunday 24/12/2006

Dont have so much moneysmiley

Too much 80,000

Sry ive got only 700 clintz

Yes he can not sell cardssmiley)))))))))))

saturday 23/12/2006

Hej ni är ju svenska jag är 7 år och är inte så bra på engelska så jag undrar om ni vill bytar eller köpa nåt kort av mig !

MVH: Rubbeo smiley

Sorry bout that i overlooked it

friday 22/12/2006

thursday 21/12/2006

How much? What Sentinel cards are you looking for?


Yes, you can buy from us but you can't sell to us.....if you can, I would suggest you purchase the credits.


wednesday 20/12/2006

Ok damnation I will buy you marlysa and Elixir can you put them in my private sales please?

tuesday 19/12/2006

You can't sell any cards due to you haven't donated..when you do then you can sell your cards.

monday 18/12/2006

Unless Damnation's got another one, I've already bought them. smiley


Well the dude did mention 5000? LOL

sunday 17/12/2006

Sorry, i just sold him

Hello I'm lookinf for juicy lord and akiko. I have jane ramba lvl max to trade. any offers?

Could sell you a latita for.. let's say... 2200-2300

saturday 16/12/2006

Sellin or tradin a vermyn n , lookin for a lost hog, any offers write here or private message me thx everybody

Is there any really kind player who could sell me Gertrud for 5000Ctz?
it's nearly Christmas smiley
I could also trade some cards eventually

Many thanks!

Oonga, lowest na nakita ko since i have been playing is 3000, but i just wanted to know in the market if it can get any lower... smiley

Sold Malmoth at 1400. Thanks.


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