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sunday 10/12/2006

I have Methane (1x), Mitch (3x), and Zlatar (2x) left to trade for Montana's, and Ulu Watu's (preferably), but if you want to trade for other or clintz...Well let me know....HURRY!!! before I put them on the market....

saturday 09/12/2006

Dosent matter got her 4 150 on the market

Ooo kurde kupilbym tylko ze nie mam tyle kasy smiley

friday 08/12/2006

How much is Jane rumba??? Frank Sinatra

I'm not a scammer, i think it's just fair to bid as one wishes to =)


20 000

right now

what can be quicker and she level 1

How much are you willing to buy it for? Fully evolved or non-evolved?

What are the price range you're looking for?

Hi there i'm looking for grskxxmt any one have it? i do trades and buy, just put your offers

thursday 07/12/2006

No not at the moment

LOL, Lost Hog and Dwain for Ombre?
Even Lost Hog for Ombre is a wrong trade for ya', saaaaaa


you can have mine for 1k fully evolved

Htnx dude, but i have buy it for 2500 jejeje if you have any of the other 3 plz tell me

wednesday 06/12/2006

All of the cards have been sold

Sorry,I did not read correctly smiley


tuesday 05/12/2006

Will trade one or more from Fifty (U) Akiko (U) Brandon (C) Bunny (C) Bruce (C) Hugo (R) Sunnygoat (C) Chad Bread (C) Kiki (R) Lamar

monday 04/12/2006

I'm looking buy GraksmxxT for around 30,000 or lower.

sunday 03/12/2006

saturday 02/12/2006

All saled

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