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wednesday 03/10/2007

Do you have a zatman level 1 for 3k

You can't trade or sell your cards you didn't buy any credits

Ok vickie sold, leviatonn bought (ty JoeOfCiranEVO) an ty all of u

now i only need kennyd methane, doesnt matter if evolved or not, please offer me, i will buy right now

Anyone sell me a titus for cheapsmiley

Buy vickie 11K, put on private for me...

I will sell you Kati for 800 C Do you want??

tuesday 02/10/2007

Oh, sorry guys - already sold for 1700clintz smiley

close this thread

Taga pinas k ba

If you have Tessa for sale pref at highest level, then I am willing to trade any of my cards that are currently on sale plus Shakra who I am training upto higher level.

Message me if intrested (just incase I don't see the replies here)
Also does anyone know where I can find concept art of Miss Chloe, Jenny and all the other characters before they are made smaller for the cards or just general pictures of them?

Dude..just say nistarok..we're not...dumb

Buying Max leveled http://www.urban-rivals.com/characters/?id_perso=421 send me offers if selling thanks

Lunatik and 1000c for Saddy

Have you buy credits?

monday 01/10/2007

Buy some credits and then you can trade.

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smileylol i want hugo maxd for 1.5k?

Do u have uranus?Caciope?Corrina?TrinmkkT?? how much??

Is that for both Elya CR and Dean? smiley

... for low price smiley

sunday 30/09/2007

Both lvl4.....dont want market price

Trade done close topic

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