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sunday 22/10/2006

Level 5 tyker for 8ksmiley

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I'll give you my bob joby

I have a william lvl 3 max

saturday 21/10/2006

Buying Wanda

I'm looking for a cheap Vansaar, Wanda, Striker, and Zdrone

U cant even trade fool

I have a william that i can give you. smiley

No1 ?

Thanx fraggle. i thought about not being a problem because the software may identify MY IP as being from romania . thanx a lot smiley

Already got rid of the jackie

friday 20/10/2006

Saw two on the market smiley

Buying Wanda of Pussy Cats for a cheap price please.smileysmiley smiley

thursday 19/10/2006

I'll buy Manon for 100000

I have it but u must trad is

wednesday 18/10/2006

Thats normally cause they were used to play, good luck some of them will be crazy to get at a low level

Lol. You can buy a Venus for 300 at the market

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I'll give you 900

tuesday 17/10/2006

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Still selling them... only 1 natrang now, disregard he last two messages

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