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saturday 26/05/2007

Well they sell for 9000-10000 i thought giving you it for 8550 was cheap.

Im not selling more characters dont u guys understand.
ps:i sold guru cr long time ago ok

I need one for 150 clintz =S any other than klaus, gotta represent the poolice smiley

Good to see police represented =P they be who ya call when in trouble so gotta support em
can someone sell me one for 130 clintz, any except klaus as i got him today (thats why i am poor again) i might get more clintz by the time some genrous peep reads this but still.. thought it was worth putting msg out!

Lol, you can't sell characters, no credits purchased!

Hi im selling my

doiran for 10 000
tanareva for 12 000

any buyers

I trade Bridget and Coraille =D
PM to me

I am looking for: Python, Tank, War Dog, Myke, Leo, Jane Ramba.

For trade I have: Methane, Nina, Igniss Vladimir. Pm me for trade.

friday 25/05/2007

Nvm dun need to sell anymore

Umm you cant sell or trade any cards until your purchase credits -.-

Only a 50 credit code its a Good Deal

I want to buy yayoi for 2 k

I trade my vickie (lvl 2 or 5) against 3 elya (lvl 1 2 or 3). plz send me a private message.

Hey wanda aint rare u can buy her for 5-6 hundred clints ave got 5 ov her

1400 clintz

Note, dafinderjr cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).

Er, You... Cannot trade... Please purchase credits...

thursday 24/05/2007

How do you play in elo mode like how do you get there

I'm looking for a Vickie card... I offer a Malmoth and Cooper and Striker...

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