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tuesday 29/05/2007

Buying nympheea...as much as possibe (below market)price.. private sale only,,tnx

monday 28/05/2007

Reasonable prices(Lower than the market)
May trade for some leaders.
Bridget or Ambre.

Bodenpower maxed for 5000 ctz

Message me private and ill sell it to you ok

I will buy Dragan Cr at a reasonable price or possibly to trade, but not at the market's suggested price. Make your offers to me if you are interested.


Make yr offer to me=)

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Hey teezyweezy have merci on Apostle_allen... Sell him tanareva for 1500... pleaseee....

I am looking to buy an elya card and min level.Please leave offer.

sunday 27/05/2007

Do you want Elliott , Maeva and Aurelia for Dwain Cr ?

Im trade Syd Noze or Wanda or kevin or mc Decay for Estalt

I have a fair amount of clintz to work with, and a ton of cards that I'm willing to trade off.

I will also consider combinations of clintz and cards for Marlysa.

Post here or PM me. Thanks!

My gertrud for your methane, if he's still available

I have a Lamar (R) maxed give me a credit code(50 credits) and ill give u Lamar (R)

saturday 26/05/2007

PM Me ill give you a lamar.

24000 for him

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