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friday 02/03/2007

Selling chikko for an offer higher then $275.

Sold out

thursday 01/03/2007

Sorry allready got him

I pay it 13500 ctz now in O XP, you can put in my VP, thanks !

Plz place your offer here smiley

Out rebbeca in my private sales

wednesday 28/02/2007

Youll find him unevolved at the market for 4650 Clintz....

Looking for Lao Cr and I am willing to trade the whole all stars group of various lvls..

tuesday 27/02/2007

I can seel flyer with fully levels is levesmileyl 3

Post closed card sold smiley

I have only maeva,bob joby and jim for sale if youre interested PM mesmiley

Charlie is only going for 9500

she is at max

Naw man...it ain't insane...
you probarly forgot that it wil get CR next to the name..

I dont have anny left.....
NO mas....

Looking for Keanew Berserkgirl =5000

As the subject, I want to buy Morphun for 3K or less.
I'll buy from the cheapest seller.

monday 26/02/2007

Who do u have to trade?

Im looking to either sell or trade, Kenny (r) with Chloe (r)
Pls msg me. thanks

sunday 25/02/2007

I will have to pass as it not really any cheaper than the market! thank anyway

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