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sunday 20/05/2007

Put in on my private sales... thx smiley

Pls ut it on my private sales... thx smiley

saturday 19/05/2007

Ill trade a ambrose for splata let me know

Baby Q? for maxed charlie maybe?

Ummm...It's best that you DON'T use 2 leaders in same deck

Omg read wht he put "Ill buy for 12000" it means he wants sum1 to sell it him not buy it off him

Ill sell don for the first person who offers 3300 c

I want decent offers not jokes!

A keanew for 300 clintz?

man, i'm really poor...

friday 18/05/2007

Ill trade you geuner for marinasmiley

How much do u want for it?

I have bunny (lvl1) if you wanna trafe fore a nightmare or freak

How much u selling ur Don?


Thats correct Sven the Maxd cards are mine smiley

thursday 17/05/2007

I have a vansaar pm smiley

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