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saturday 28/04/2007

Dorian(U) Max first deal 8000 ctz. smiley

I want Gertrud how much do you want for her

friday 27/04/2007

The prices today are not actual really.

Found what I needed! Thanks!

I'm looking to make a trade for Clara, of any available level. Some of the cards I have that might be worth trading for with it are 2 Fully evolved Elya's, 1 Fully evolved and 1 level 1 Gaia. Uhm...those are really the only cards I can think of that anyone might want to be worth it, but really, if anyone is interested in knowing more about my cards, drop me a line.


I trade Bodenpower / Miss twice / or Nanook full for Ombre

I don`t need charlye anymore i have buyed with 10.300

I trade u bodenpower full for ombre any lvl

Striker and Joao oredy sold out...
Case closed

Ok. No prob. Feel free if u change your mind, and give a msg.

Ya i offer for charlye 9865 clintz for charlye but to be at level 4!!!!! I need urgent for elo!!!

I dont know but they have the same price on the market which is around 5.5k

PM me plz

thursday 26/04/2007

Wee Lee is level 4 and No Nam level 3 (close to 4th)

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Now, that's why we ask you to use "customer support" to reach us.
The board is NOT technical support.
Clear your browser cache (shift + reload), in that kind of case.
Closing the thread.

General cr ownes only card that with bonus can do a 12 life ko smiley

wednesday 25/04/2007

smiley Do you have a spare of the following cards:
And how much for each?

Please if you know how to trade, buy, or sell characters please tell me.smiley

tuesday 24/04/2007

The card has been bought and is no longer for sale. Sorry.

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