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tuesday 08/05/2007

I offer 7k for him. pm me

Leave ur price =)

of course preferably lower than the market's smiley

I also got some cards to trade if you want.


Striker 3100
Eyrton 2100
any buyers

Ill buy a rosa for 2.8k...need it now..really..

monday 07/05/2007

I now have 2 Lost Hogs, Thanks to everyone who has contacted me.smiley

Nah i got lost hog an dwain cr
ill trd like an estalt and dieter for an ombre or ashigaru?

Too much...

Yes , i don't sell any cards , you will change the card : XU52 at full lvl , vladimir full lvl , dorian full lvl and many other card with THE_LOVERBOY -i am am intermediary
and i what more ofers...XU52 is value at 35000 ktz , and lamar 12000 ......i don't sell XU52 for lamar....think

Nevermind... i got one already...

Sellin hugo maxed only 6700smiley

sunday 06/05/2007

Contact him in private for cr smiley

bwahahah, what lozer would give 3€ for a kati !! smiley

Preferably lower priced compared to the market's cheapest =)

I have one maxed but I'm only looking for XU52, Chloe, Gaia & Boris

I have one maxed,
i am looking for a XU52, Boris, Gaia and Chloe

Ill trade u 4 lamar

I can sell u skrumxxt yust send me a personal mail and we`l make a deal

Ill sell it to you for ashigaru

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