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saturday 17/02/2007

Someone wanan sell ym some crd for cheap smiley i got 66 ctz

Looking for lowest price for marlysa.

Thx, i got Coraille

friday 16/02/2007

How much for Nonam?

Sellin wanda mail me if ur interested

thursday 15/02/2007

Buying noodile, ombre and wanda but they have to be cheap just name your price below

I need them ayone got them

Here, ill buy your Wanda for 1000 and ill sell you a maxed Gheistling worth 500. PM me if you are interested.
GGs! smiley

Bought one

wednesday 14/02/2007

U mupet o jp nn he said im buying not selling look at what he has sait and im not selling my hugo for that ill do it for 3800

Yhea get some dude

Maybe what do u think kva kil3r

Elixir 222ctz
Maeva 222ctz

Maeva 500ctz level 3

smileyhi man

I also have Ogoun Kyu for trade...

tuesday 13/02/2007

Sell Gina Glitt (C) 800
sell Tatane (C) 600

I've seen him as low as 300... i'd rather wait.

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