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tuesday 28/11/2017

Oh sorry,i forgot to close it smiley smileysmiley

Buy Benicio full xp for 15k card
send me in pvt

Or check if you mistakenly put filter of any clan!!!!!! happend to me yesterday!!!!!!

Sorry guys but pdd was not met
I am closing this topic

Hi, I'm looking for DJ Korr Cr and Guru Cr for 16M/each
I have :

35 Behemoth 0xp 650k/e
30 Serafina 0xp 400k/e

Ohh sorry!!!

Still buying 11.5m all in clintz.

monday 27/11/2017

I'll do 170 for Jackie and mona.

Judge Lynch 200k send me the offer

Wait and you will see!!!

Sold t/c i have one more

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