monday 08/04

Exchange my these cards :
1 Lamar Cr 0 xp
1 Tanaereva Cr 0 xp
1 Atkinson 0 xp
1 Marshal Cr 0 xp
1 Cassio Cr 0 xp
1 Marco Cr 0 xp
1 Dagg Cr 0 xp
1 Terry Cr 0 xp
1 Nero 0 xp
1 Romana 0 xp
2 M cash
for Kiki Cr full xp

I’ll send 2 over

sunday 07/04

I accept both offers

Thank you!

[Buy] Any Scarlett MT

Note: This player has a thread where they are looking for Scarlett Mt. Do look up if you are interested.

edited by Rowdy MOB Cr sunday 07/04, 18:12

Hi guys, I'm trading my Lyse Teria (Full Xp)
Current market price is @19m

Looking for
+B Mappe CR (Any xp)
Current market price @9m
+Clintz or card equivalent to @10m

Thank you and happy gaming!

saturday 06/04

Hi! I'm looking for Atkinson and Saitamurai any xp.

I have cards for trade.

PM me if you're interested.

Willing to add value to Vickie Cr for a #BMappe Cr (8M) ONO

Oh, i forgot! estimated value 70K

I would like to clarify the following for other potential traders:

Is the trade is only valid if the specific cards are given.

If you allow flexibility in the trade, can you give a market estimate and exp value for the 4 cards you mentioned.

If not, can at minimum the Xp and market estimate of Kiki Cr be given?

Thank you for your understanding.

I’m selling Cannibal Jo Cr 0xp for 14.4 million.

friday 05/04

UPDATE - Sold a few cards. Also open to trades!

Lao, Quetzal & Maana are gone. See new list below:

Boris CR 0xp - 300k
Caelus CR 0xp - 1.4M

Gonzo 0xp - 170k
Hoffman 0xp - 9k
Leviatonn 0xp - 90k
Araaknat 0xp - 16k

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