tuesday 17/01/2017

One thousand two hundred seventy(1270) Gina glitt will be good smiley

Caelus +30k for blaaster

Dammit.. Gary you had to do it smiley

monday 16/01/2017

He just can't deal with the fact that he lost his one and only unicorn

Now he is desperately trying to find a new one

I can sell Wee Lee for a lower price if you can provide at minimum Dr Alma and Amiral Coco. Valued at 17.5K Clintz together.

With that I can sell Wee Lee for around 7,600 Clintz if you only have these characters. However if you can only sell Dr Alma and Amiral Coco, I will not accept PM for the characters above 60 Clintz. The deal is at its best if all 6 characters are provided.

Sorry. I will repost this to make it clearer. I still have Wee Lee.

49 left, nearly half gone surprisingly!

sunday 15/01/2017

Itzz French.

All sold nice trolls btw

saturday 14/01/2017

Close this Globum is valued 700 this rip off artist is offering only 250 smileysmileysmiley

You willing to take other card lots?

Melissa Cr + 140k by Xantiax Robb?

Price for each?

Dude take that deal it's worth 7,5 billion smileysmileysmiley

Good luck finding buyers for all those Globumm after.

Take my Ymirah, Rex Sweig and Impera Sloane rather.. oh and I'll add a Globumm to that all 0xp smiley

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