saturday 14/01/2017

Melissa Cr + 140k by Xantiax Robb?

Price for each?

Dude take that deal it's worth 7,5 billion smileysmileysmiley

Good luck finding buyers for all those Globumm after.

Take my Ymirah, Rex Sweig and Impera Sloane rather.. oh and I'll add a Globumm to that all 0xp smiley

friday 13/01/2017

I want
Dasha 10k
Miyo 14K

I can trade with
Choko 3k
Mandy 3k
Brutus 20k
Mim 26K
Or just cash

I want to sell my Amiral Py CR 0xp for 35k clintz or trade for cards of similar market value (+clintz if needed).
I just want to get rid of him smiley

Thread can be closed, manon cr is gone smiley

15,5K each if you like smiley

Salut à tous,

4 Tanaereva cr 0xp: 495 000/tetè.
7 Jackie cr 0xp: 400 000/tetè.

J'ai pour completer: une Ruru, une Tormentah, et plus copies de Muze (le tout en 0xp) et aussi du cash.

Je recherche des CR manquant, comme: Beltran cr 0xp, Miss twice cr 0xp; Jim cr 0xp, Ombre cr 0xp, Geuner cr 0xp, et d'autre comme les jumelles. J'estime cette carte à 6% en moins du market.

à vous.

Interesents leave private sale I will buy when online smiley

thursday 12/01/2017

Trade completed,i got my Copper cr,thanks 0 Lord-David smiley

Closing this as this definitely doesnt seem to be going as per the topic.
Besides, as per tge new sales rules, u can post an offer only if its atleast 75% of market price.

Thanks for the understanding

I have :

150 Rockwall 0xp 20k/t
87 Kinichaw Cr 0xp 95k/t ( price for Lot) and 85k/each price of 1

i need :
Bloodh 0xp 30k/t max 14
Clive 0xp 19500/t max 36
Cassandra 0xp 12k/t max 20
Nanook 0xp 1400/t max 8
Lehane 0xp 20k/t max 32
Ulrich 0xp 13k/t max 3
Gil Cr 0xp 90k/t no limite
Zaria 0xp 47k/t max 81 ( price of 1 zaria )
GraksmxxT Cr 0xp 72k max 9

Azrael i do business with all people,my price are negotiable,It is unhealthy to judge someone without knowing it, I never think that American / English were Naif people or ignorant Otherwise you can go somewhere else with your clique like Danger and company the people with the big belly smiley

Another possible trade :

1 Vickie Cr 0xp (valued at 1M200K)
400 Langren 0xp valued at 3k each

Nobody want rockwall 0xp?

Don't need djengo and Dorian anymore

I'm trading my 0xp Sylth Cr for a full one plus 20k Clintz smiley

Ok for me (0xp)

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