sunday 08/01/2017

Even if you have 1000 + cards you need to state them as well as estimate them, you can use to do it fastly if you're lazy,
closing this due to inappropriate thread.
thanks smiley

saturday 07/01/2017

Sigmund Cr + Lamar Cr + Kerozinn Cr + Ombre Cr + Reine Cr + Caelus Cr + Skullface Cr + Armanda Cr. = 9183k
Lyse Teria Cr = 9123k

If you want, I offer you the CR vs Lyse, without complement

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Oxp Sig?

Request one copy only.


j'échange 54 Rhyno 0xp contre vos 4 Spyke Cr 0xp. VP!

Merci et bon jeu

I am buying your gemini 0exp 400/U smiley

"bonjour, j'échange mes 2374 Tekumman (1860 sont 0xp). Je les estime à 11k/t.

Je recherche :
Tanaereva Cr 0 xp 510k
Jackie Cr 0 xp 380k
Ymirah 0 xp 340k
impera sloane 0 xp 105k
Kolos 0 xp 85k
marina 0 xp 50k
Cortez 0 xp 60k

Je suis également intéressé par échange des lots
Le lot est divisible

Anyone Can he give me Strigoi For 10K clinz Full xp or 0xp send it to me tnx

Anyone Can he give me Dashra For 10K clinz Full xp or 0xp send it to me tnx

Tan man 0xp 570k vs tan man full 495k + 50k

Pls use proper tiles..

[BUY] Dashra

Im looking to buy dashra for 9k.
Please pm to fix a deal

I want to sell Greem Cr For 20K
full xp
Text me for Send it to you smileysmileysmileysmiley

Sorry, use a guide and do not notice that it no longer exists. Only VP.

friday 06/01/2017

Ok for my jackie cr full

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