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monday 05/03/2018

Tom I didn't say that, and please keep this off my thread.

Firestar won it. >.< I value his bid higher.

I will comment on this thread as a precaution.

Technically, shoxie won the Auction given the current rules state that you cannot go back on the value once you state it and you acknowledged one copy of 0XP Shaker is 39K Clintz.

39K X 23 = 897K +15K = 912K
Had it been made clear before the end of the Auction that there is a maximum amount of Shaker, then Jethro`s win is acceptable. In addition, you said the thread lasts for 10 hours.

Since it started at 13:48 GMT+8, it should have ended at 23:48 GMT +8 and Shoxie`s bid at 23:13 GMT +8 is valid.

I propose you
3 xantiax Robb cr 0xp 2.4M/t + 1 Nemo mt 0xp 4.5M + 1 Lao cr 0xp 4.9M + 1 zaveli 0xp 430k + 1 shinobi 0xp 180k + 500k cash -->

I research 1 dj korr cr 0xp/full

Pm me for other offers

And already done smiley leave in my PS I try to get some more cash

Hey guys,
I am buying Lamar Cr I will pay over 1mil in market value in cards.

PM me. We will work out a deal. I have a lot of spare cards to trade. I can make you happy.

I have vickie full + 50k for your 0xp?smiley

I don't need Beltran anymore.

Ill buy bodenpower

A spanksmiley
kreen sold

It's for public so I think everyone have a right to state their opinion. smiley

sunday 04/03/2018

I ll buy your Barden 0xp at 38k

smiley) sorry, I'm just quite busy, and I answer all my PMs smiley Your offer is nice, let me think about it

Hello! As the title says, I am looking for some of these cards, + some such as Bambino, Toro Cr, #Beck-Nena and some other good playing cards smiley
I have to offer:
2 * Silvano
2* Shao Xue
2* Digging Bill
Butcher Braxton
2* Hydraereva
2* Maana Cercei
2* Zis

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