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tuesday 21/02/2017

Can u add some clints?

Biggity bumpin. Still need these guys

Player does not have 1.5 million. Thread closed.

Okay, I meant Xantiax Robb Cr +200k for your Vickie Cr

monday 20/02/2017

U were right kluwn, please close it

Can accept some trades, MP for negotiations smiley

I have Caelus Cr (Full xp) and i wanna trade with Tanaereva Cr .

sunday 19/02/2017

No thank you i just want a quetzal.

Hi, whats the price you would sell maana for ?

Lamar CR is going for 1.4 million on the market
X-Rob is at 855k
And Quetzal is at 430k
PM me if interested, I expect there will be a bump once one or both go CR, so seems like a fair trade but can be tweaked I'm flexible.

I have:
Quetzal 0xp (430 K)
Rex Sweig 0xp (150K)
Aegis 0xp (60K)
+20 K

For your:

Maana Cercei 0xp (660K)

You can put them in my PS smiley

Thread can be closed, deal is done.

I've :
Elya cr (1.3m) 0xp
Looking for :
3 Quetzal (400k)
So basically it's 100k profit for the Player who accept my offer
PM me directly if you're interested smiley

saturday 18/02/2017


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