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saturday 18/02/2017

52 Dragomir 0xp - 36'5k /e

I'm looking for:
Arantxa 0xp - 7,5k
Phoebe 0xp - 7k
Dianzi 0xp - 4k
Mina 0xp - 4,5k
Lola 0xp - 12,5k
Nekron 0xp - 22,5k
Nobrodroid 0xp - 12,5k
Kuei 0xp - 12,5k
+80k 0xp:
Lizbeth 0xp - 80k
Pericles 0xp - 80k
Charlie 0xp - 85k
etc etc smiley

Got what I was looking for.


Nevermind, got it on the market.

All the cards i mentioned are full exp. For Maana Cersei it's the same to me (full exp might be even better)

Would like to trade 1 for 1 smiley

PM if you're interested or have other offers!

friday 17/02/2017

Sold out
Close this

Deal completed. Can be closed

Or, if someone really wants a Xatiax Robb, i can go 1x Xantiax Robb for 1x Ymirah Cr and a further payment in cards or clintz by your side.

My offer isnt valid anymore

I have a lot of Greendy (50 copies at 0xp). I sold for 15k/e.

Please make offer. smiley

Still 35 availables smiley

Hi all
I m trading these cards,only for what I search,read well...
3 Xantiax Robb 0 xp 1kk each
2 Ymirah 0 xp 750k each
1 Quetzal 0 xp 500 k

I search:
Marlysa Cr (2.5kk)
Kerozinn cr (1kk)
1.5 cash

Daniela 500/T
Fast Johnny 400/T
Pillzinator 1300/T
Kylorenne 1300/T



For 330000 clintz. i dont want trading just for selling

Tradedsmiley locking this one too

thursday 16/02/2017

Ok my mistake 1.7 million

I got some 0exp langren for you, just put it in private?

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