thursday 05/01/2017

Trading my Lehane for Mildred + 2k clintz..

pls pm me ASAP

Offer: Strigoi

Want: Lowki

wednesday 04/01/2017

Sigmund Cr full exp 1,250,000
Vickie Cr full exp 1,100,000
Lamar Cr full exp 1,950,000
Dounia Cr full exp 330,000
Beltran Cr full exp 385,000
Tanaereva Cr no exp 490,000
Blaaster Cr full exp 330,000
Swidz Cr no exp 300,000
also 3 million in clintz

total 9.1 million for KiKi Cr.

23 Dr Norton Cr gone

Still looking also adding to the List of what I'm looking for :

Graksmxxt Cr 0XP [72K]
Toro Cr 0xp [ 30k]
Ratanah Cr Any xp [38k]
Striker Cr any xp [44k]

+10 !

more 7 times possible smiley

Wanting to trade my 0xp Kiki cr for a full Kiki cr +75k compliment. The compliment is negotiable smiley


The lot of belmundo is gone smiley

tuesday 03/01/2017

Off topic; closed.

My Shann Cr Full Xp(87k) + 1k for your Raam (88k) Full Xp.

As simple as the title suggests, looking for a relatively straight swap for Raam.

PM me if you've got any questions.

Thanks guys and girls smiley

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Closed, please make a proper thread smiley
thanks !


I buy :

- Pino 0exp : 600/u
- Annuqa 0exp : 1500/u


Looking to buy as many greendy 0xp as possible for 11k each just out then in my private sales smiley

Forgot to mention ombre cr 0 xp

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