tuesday 03/01/2017

Looking to buy as many greendy 0xp as possible for 11k each just out then in my private sales smiley

Forgot to mention ombre cr 0 xp

Xantiax Robb for sale, 750k. Pretty much sums it up.

Oops i meant xantiax robb 750k

monday 02/01/2017

I have the whole clan minus robb

Bought her! smiley

Hello , I offer 2 Vickie Cr 0xp + 1 Noctezuma 0xp for Marlysa Cr full or 0xp.
If 0xp I will add 100k cash smiley

Thank you

I need Arno full and Ratanah Cr full and Shakra full
you can send directly to my ps smiley

Im selling 8 Gums for 2k/each

54 Rhino 0xp for Jackie Cr.

I have 4 Yayoi Cr 0xp and would like to have Smokey Cr 0xp.
PM me if you are interested.
kind regards

Trade done.

Dounia cr 350k for 3 impera Sloane 105k + 30k clints

Is difference because on forum must sell less than market ...on market I have and very much cards with first price on market...

Trade my dragomir for Rhed Cr smiley

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