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monday 13/02/2017

We have a deal, sir.

Done!!!! smiley

I trade Guru cr for 10M5 clintz.

I want :

- Cash
- General cr
- Playable cr like Splata cr, Tessa cr...

Send me a PM to negociate smiley

Any left?

I sell Splata Cr 0 exp for 1.400.000 clintz.

@jerromy pick a good deck
And play 50 tourney you can aim 2 gold tokenz per tourney
So maybe you'll get manon cr or same worth card so you can trade those cards for manon cr
That's it smileysmiley

I can offer a Vickie full (1 million) instead of a Tan Man
This is an increase of 530K

sunday 12/02/2017

Let me know what you got i consider all options

No, I just want to Robb Cr

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Hello !

I Sell :

=> 3 Dolly Cr Full for 7.7K/p
=> 2 Xingshu Oxp for 20.5K/p

Batch price : (3 Dolly Cr + 2 Xingshu) for 46K


Thanks, man. I appreciate it.

Hi title says it all

thanks for reading

Trade 8 Diyo Cr oxp for your Xantiax Robb oxp

saturday 11/02/2017

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