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monday 26/02/2018

Looking for buy guru cr for 19 mil

Send me offers I’m open to most everything. Yes I got one from the lottery.

Looking to buy copper cr 0xp in region between 300k-320k thanks

That's interesting

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28 Pedro 0 exp (20k/t) for 1 #Behemoth possible 1 time (once)
100x Lunatik full (3.5k/t) + 210k complement for 1 #Behemoth possible 1 time (once)

Quetzal has rose to 700k+; still looking for DJ and 5s. Trade or youll regret he rises even higher! I value DJ 21.5m (1m more!) smiley

Marina 120k #Charlie 140k

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I mistyped, I’m from mobile..smiley


looking for 20 x Zis @ 15k/t.
If interested put in my ps.

Your behemoth 0 exp valued 670k/t
Contact me smiley

Unfortunately I do not have any Clintz.. Also, Zaria is not on the list as I do not need any more copies of her. Thank you for the offer..

Jeth, I will message you once I get a few clintz

Hi, I'm willing to trade my #Kolos Cr 0xp for a #Kolos Cr max exp+40k

Instead of the 40k in clintz, I also accept one of the following:


I'm selling Guru Cr 0 exp - 19.2M

PM offers

Mainly looking for cash

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