tuesday 27/12/2016

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Hi mate, i'm looking to buy youre pack with spyke cr.
i have to offer 1x vickie cr 0xp for them ? are you interested ?

If you do 515k i accept smiley

monday 26/12/2016

Got it smiley thank you, you could close it.

Hi... i buy toro 0xp at 30k ... ps 0XP ONLY!
Have a nice day

He is on the market for 560k

Also adding Marco cr for 95k boh cr are full exp aswell.

Just to be clear, I am in possession of Yoshida 0XP and I simply asking for Nyema and Eggman in particular
(Or any other Rare character near that value provided you have one of them and still want to have the trade).

E.g: Say you have Nyema, but no Eggman. I will accept if you can provide another Rare character with a value similar to Eggman. However this does not get priority, but will be considered.

But I advise if you want the trade, please have Nyema and Eggman. Thanks.

I wanna trade my Zatman full exp for a Zatman 0xp. I'll add a Nameko 0xp, so, my zatman full + a nameko 0xp for your zatman 0xp

Hi smiley

I am looking to sell 6 of my Kawamashi Cr. Each card goes for 15,000 clintz. If you want to buy all 6 the total amount will be 90,000 clintz.


sunday 25/12/2016

Bumpety bump peoples. Come on, it's Christmas man!

$95000, private sale.

1 cassio cr 0xp (300k) for 4 pericles 0xp smiley

Wel.. he should write it anyways smiley

Anything else you are looking for?smiley

saturday 24/12/2016

Send private sale. If you do not want clintz send me a PM and we can discuss a trade.

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