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saturday 11/02/2017

Ech pour cash/ cr > 100k ex: sum sam cr 1.9m lamar cr 1.7m flavio cr 1.6m...

Selling Caelus for 280k (almost 20k less than the market)

I don't know what to buy just to finish my 2588 clintz. So, please sell a card, any card to me.
I don't want that card to be in these clan:
Rescue, Berzerk, Frozn, Hive.
Please PM me as soon as possible.
Any card, except the clans above.

I'm looking to buy ONE veenyle Cr for my collection and I'm willing to pay 50k cash for her.

Just send the card in my PS and I will buy her.

Thank you

friday 10/02/2017

What are the exact cards you are looking for ?

Xantiax Robb (0xp) + 25k vs my vickie cr full ?

Vixen 0xp 27k/t ( max 62)
Zaria 0xp 50k/t ( max 65)
Pandora 0xp 52k/t ( max 42)
Quetzal 0xp 500k/ no limite

376 Kinichaw Cr 0xp 85k/t
148 Rockwall 0xp 16k5/t
100 Agnes 0xp 4k/t
39 Herman 0xp 17k/t
50 Charlie 0xp 95k/t
45 Bodenpower 0xp 23k/t
10 Azel 0xp 7k2/t
20 Don 0xp 45k/t
20 Cassandra 0xp 16k/t
14 dorian 0xp 31k/t
38 bloodh 0xp 36k/t

6 * 120k = 720k + 80k = Globumm squared *this guy seriuzly* smiley

Send me lin xia and Koshiro, ill send you edd cr

thursday 09/02/2017

Kalindra cr full xp +25k cash for your ambrose cr 0exp

u accept ymirah cr 0xp? mp smiley

[SELL] Geuner Cr and Swidz Cr separately or [TRADE] for your Jim Cr more the difference.

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