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wednesday 08/02/2017

Any interest? Market always moving so make me an offer.

For cash I may go down to 295k each if you take all.

I trade :
- 40 pandora 0xp (50 000 each)
- 11 dr copernica cr 0xp (95 000 each)
- vickie cr full xp (1 000 000)

I am looking for :
- quetzal 0xp (480 000 each)
- xantiax robb 0xp (1 000 000 each)
- ymirah cr 0xp (720 000 each)


FFFUUUU!!! smiley
Everything has been traded so the subject is now closed

Big thanks to 990991 and RAMZYXUK for finishing off the 100 mark, that's it for now guys I'm out of clintz, will bump the post back when I have more smiley

tuesday 07/02/2017


;___; y u do dis

I've following 0xp cards:
Sum Sam Cr (2.375 million)
Elya Cr (1.32 million)
Geuner Cr (270k) full xp
Ymirah Cr (710k)
Sigmund Cr (1.111 million)
Sylth (160k) full xp
General CR (7.40 million)
Manon CR (1.50 million)
Page CR(108k) full xp
Sigma CR (48k) full xp
Tessa Cr (1.25 million)
Chad Bread CR (80k) full xp
Looking for only CASH
PM me directly smiley

I have two quetzals 0xp and am looking for a xantiax Robb 0xp

I'm currently looking for a xantiax Robb 0xp plus clintz for my two quetzal 0xp.

CARP REX, not interested in those cards. Thanks!
Manon and Scarlett 0 xp remaining.

Aldeberan cr 0 exp +180k cash

I put you other time the cards in your private sales.
Send me the B5 pls

monday 06/02/2017

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