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sunday 25/02/2018

I have Kenny Mt 0xp
Looking for
Jackie Cr
Zatman Cr
#kolos cr
Mechakolos Cr
Willing to negotiate pm if interested

Clintz accepted too

Hello all,

i'm in search of some Mac Hen 0xp for 1k each

1 Marlysa Cr full xp 3500k
1 #behemoth 0xp 570k
1 #shann cr 0xp 170k
7 Butcher Braxton 0xp 700k/t
12 #quetzal 0xp 650k/t
2 Newell 0xp 160k/t

je recherche
Judge Lynch 0xp 230k/t
Bartholomew 0xp 1800/t

autres offres surpayer

You can buy full XP for 38xp from market right now if you want to play with him.

X2 Bambino gone
added for trade:
Tessa Cr 0xp (3m)
Mechakolos Cr 0xp (390k)
Rowdy Cr fullxp (180k)
Kalindra Cr 0xp (950k)
Jackie Cr fullxp (1090k)
#Ongh Cr fullxp (207k)
Uchtul Cr 0xp (200k)

Each valued at 225k (Current market price)

Looking for (0XP)

Quetzal x1
Maana Cercei x2
Roderick x3
Marina x3
Tsubame x4
Zaveli x4
Ramath x3
Hindelga x3
Olga x2
Koshiro x3
Djengo x3
Butcher Braxton x2
Bridge x3
Romana x2
Locke x3
Blink x3
Glover x2
Ray x3
Fairbanks x2
Dr Elisa x1
Leone x3
Dragomir x3
Pandora x2
Surstorming x3
Ursula x2
Charlie x2
Rage x2
Impera Sloane x4
Rex Sweig x4
Leliana x1
Shakra x2
Arno x1
Mokra x3
Uranus x2
Xingshu x3
Streex x3
Lady x3
Dregn x1

I can negotiate on price aswell

Its clintz not clients you dont offer anyone job smiley

Oh yeah marco + 800k lmao wp killic

Thank you so much Jethro!

Cookiz won sorry took so long ended at 7 congrats

Thank you alot!

Coming in hot boys smiley

Wrong forum bro smiley haha should be in french forums

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