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monday 06/02/2017

I add to the list of wanted cards:

Armanda Cr only 0exp 2.7M

Rex Sweig 0exp + Impera Sloane 0exp + Kolos 0exp for your Seldnor Cr 0exp

I value my noctezuma 155 k each

I have around 300 fletcher... i think around half of them are 0 xp
I would be interested in all your stuff and consider my fletcher are worth 1k each
Would you be interested in trading for your stuff?

Noctezuma cr full + perle x18 for caelus

Lmao tsubame 58k, you're funny

I did the deal with him few days ago...

Je l'ai deplacé sur le bon forum

Met aux encheres une ymirah cr 0xp
Prix de depart 50 clintz

Je recherche :
- Quetzal 0xp 470 000/t
- Ongh 0xp 150 000/t
- Pandora 0xp 48 000/t
- Hawk 0xp 39 000/t
- Kolos 0xp 78 000/t
- Charlie 0xp 87 000/t
- Cash

Fin ce soir a 23h58mn59s

Note Rolph offer does not apply for Swidz Cr, unless stacked with lot purchases.

Thanks all for now I'm out of clintz smiley

sunday 05/02/2017

As title,

My manon Cr 0xp VS your 4 Quetzal 0xp


I couldn't care less, but thanks for the heads up!

Looking for a Kenny cr for sale. Message me if you have a good deal

All have been sold

saturday 04/02/2017

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