monday 19/12/2016

I was expecting at most three hours for this trade to occur. Closing the purchase.

Looking for vickie cr full xp and 50k compliment for vickie cr 0xp, and jackie cr full xp + 20k compliment for 0xp jackie cr

Dont forget to add tag next time smiley

sunday 18/12/2016

Kiki Cr = 9M5

87*110k = 9M57

Pm open

Sold.Thanks for the offer guys! smiley

Selling them for 925, pm me if you are interested

Ok updating my List with what I have to trade now :

38 Dolly Cr full
50 Lea 0xp
112 Dr Norton Cr full
11 Marina 0xp
Dwain Cr 0xp
38 Zapatino 0xp
3 Romona 0xp
25 Spaighi 20 full 5 0xp
Marco Cr full

saturday 17/12/2016

I'll try, hope it works

As title says, trading elya cr for kerozinn cr
Sorry for the last post mods I locked the wrong one

As title says, wanting to swap elya cr for kerozinn cr

You can bhave my spyke for around 92k

I will buy graksxxmt for that price send me private offer and message

Thanks Levi

I am really opened to offer so don't you be shy

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When he sent it to me, I couldn't accept it lmao xD

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