monday 29/08/2016

For 325k you can buy full from market and for 344k you can buy 0xp....

sunday 28/08/2016

Can someone lend me a max xp VanSaar for a week pls? smiley

Selling her for 510k but i am open for every offers

Selling her for 1.7M and i am open for negotiations

Will you sell mim, xu-krang, and ymirah for cash? if so, let me know the price.


I Buy all your Skiner 0exp for 400 clintz each.


saturday 27/08/2016

Respond me at pm about my aldebaran

I offer dj korr cr full xp + 200k for guru cr . dont care about xp

Prices have changed so I have decided to change my offer.

I offer my:

Swidz Cr 0XP (320.000)
Tremorh 0XP (31.400)
Sukareto 0XP (13.900)

Total: 365.300

For your:

Kalindra Cr Full (362.000)

Total: 362.000

I want to trade my:

Drakorah 0XP (40.000)
Khann 0XP X2 (6.300 for one)

Total: 52.600

For your:

Liona full (31.700)
Tengu full (8.000)
Moai full (10.000)

Total: 49.700

How much are you trying to buy Edd Cr for?

I'll buy Friskah for 20k

Hi, I have some Magenta in my Collection, i'm willing to sell/trade.
I have:
48 magenta lvl 3 with 0 exp , selling for 950 a piece
14 magenta lvl 4, selling for 750 a piece.
I accept the clintz(56000), the Card Clive (any exp), or Fiddler + clintz.

friday 26/08/2016

I'm selling the entire Raptors Clan. Every card is FULL xp.

If you don't what cards I'm selling, go here:

What I don't want:
-More than 4 of the same card.
-More than 50 cards in total.
-More than 10 Commons.

PM me any offer, I'll consider them all.

I will still buy any of these cards for the price listed!

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