friday 26/08/2016


16 Rex sweig
3 Miss Sloane
25 Shaker
9 Rattle
6 Koshiro
7 Ymirah
0 Nahi Cr


I buy one Dj Korr Cr (full or 0xp), i paid 11M cash + 1 jackie full for the kate commission.

Tnks u

Busco en cualquier nivel lo siguiente: (todas las cartas se cotizan al precio del mercado o se puede negociar al momento del cambio)

1° - Kiki Cr
2° - Rass Cr, Manon Cr, Sigmund Cr, Eyla Cr
3° - Aldebaran Cr, Scarlett Cr, Sum Sam Cr

Mis cartas (0xp)

General Cr (only for Kiki Cr + complement)
7 Glover
18 Pilzken
11 Bryan Rb
9 Walker
13 Naginata
6 Raven
13 Brianna
12 Trish
12 Arnie
20 Gertrud Rb

9 Ymirah
10 Ruru
11 Lowki
8 Drak

12 Leviatonn
7 Koshiro
18 Toro
11 Djengo
9 XU52
15 stalfush
12 XU-Kr4ng
10 Wardom
9 Rolph
16 Eryka

5 Kerry
14 Buddy
14 Steve Rb
14 Campbell
14 Hax
16 Aurora
13 Reeve
10 Lennard
21 Buckler
17 Pastor

17 Rex Sweig
5 Miss Sloane
7 Impera Sloane
10 Rattle
18 Zaira
26 Drakorah
22 Mim
26 sharker
33 Wilde

13 Pericles
Seldnor Cr
Nahi Cr
Dalhia Cr (full)

Sunday 13/10/2013, 04:54


We will refuse all messages with a “bump” in it. Please, write a real and usefull sentence instead.

How much cash for your lyse?

thursday 25/08/2016

Now i bought Dr Elisa from Katinka Hoszu smiley smiley, Thank you Katinka, Really thank you
Thank you too StMichealD for the informations smiley
I am going to close this topic smiley
Bye smiley smiley

Thank you all! 19x Jean were sold for 115K.

wednesday 24/08/2016

Peeler and Hammer sold.


3 Copper Cr 135K/t
15 Ozzy 4k/t
6 Oraya 23k/t
8 Baka 10k/t
15 Gretchen 5k/t
20 Elvira 18k/t
12 Antoinette 24k/t
10 Olga 24k/t
30 Eyrton 7.5k/t
20 Griezzo 15k/t
14 Wendel 7k/t
20 Juicy Lord 18k/t
5 Shann Cr 110k/t
20 Jasmine 5.2k/t
50 Suqi 4.2k/t
8 Khaali 1.8k/t
100 Sekutor 4.5k/t (dissociable en lots de 25 unités)

U must buy the entire lots

I will trade my 196 zodiack for 1100 clintz each. I will accept:
Clintz (209000)
Raptors cards (Mim, rex swieg, etc)
Expensive cards in general

Message me your offer or just write here. I will break up the lot, but not by much

I accept rare cards and tradessmiley

I take Dixie x 20 11.5k /head smiley

Added tag please read the rules of tag.

[EXCH/TRADE] + title
Write the name of the card(s) you’re looking for.
Write an approximate value of clintz you would like to receive for your card(s).
Write the name of the card(s) you want to give in return.

Thanks. smiley

Hello it is not allowed to post auctions here.
You can only auction cards which should be posted here.( it's written in rules)

tuesday 23/08/2016

I saw a Glover 65k in market

I ll take only 2 or 3

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