wednesday 17/08/2016

Pleasure doing business smiley

Rattle Full(55k)
Drakorah Full(45k)
Shaker Full(34k)
Drak 0xp(30k)
Mim Full(20k)
Baby Q Full(13k)
Haaken 0xp(10k)
Donnie Full(6k)
Tula Full(6k)
Vito Full(4k)
Isatis 0xp(4k)

Total Value: 55+45+34+30+20+13+10+6+6+4+4=225k+

I'm only asking for 200k!

Hi!, I am looking for a lise teria cr, doesn' t matter the exp, I offer you 3,5M cash + 35 Charlie 0exp

I'm selling a Noctezuma Cr 0xp (170k)

The actual price will be based on market price at the time of trade.

Cards wanted:
Smokey Cr(300k, A little low, but that's all I can afford)

I'm open to any offers no in my cards wanted list. The price is negotiable.


je cherche Guru Cr

je estime Guru Cr 11,000,000 Clintz

je propose :

Shann Cr 0xp = 125.000 clintz
Kerozinn Cr full = 1.270.000 clintz
Marlysa Cr full = 2.899.990 clintz
4 Noctezuma Cr 0xp = 679.996 clintz
2 Edd Cr 0xp = 170.000 clintz
Vickie Cr 0xp = 1.150.000 clintz
5 Kenny Cr 0xp = 890.000 clintz
2 Marco Cr full = 201.000 clintz
3 Sledg Cr 0xp = 174.000 clintz
Caelus Cr 0xp = 315.000 clintz
Tanaereva Cr full = 445.000 clintz
Tanaereva Cr 0xp = 499.999 clintz
Jackie Cr full = 380.000 clintz
12 Zatman Cr 0xp = 1.259.998 clintz
+ 540.017 Clintz

total 11m

par Vp

Thank you very much smiley smiley

I will buy your moai 0cp for 8.5k/each if you want to sell

tuesday 16/08/2016

Can I get a smokey cr for 290k please .

No, not too late.
I'm buying Smokey Cr, and Hawkins
I'm low on clintz though, so not instant sale.

Beck - nena 60-65k galactea 60-70k chiara cr 50-55k michael 35-40k

Exactly what the title says. Message me if interested.

I dont have Pr Balthazar, Drakorah, Argos, Ahkab ando i'm already looking for Marco Cr, Saki.

No sorry omerta only list wanted

It isn't worth to do this lvl up mission. I got only 500 clintz as reward smiley

Thanks smiley

Sell for 11k Each.

Will trade for any cool cards/CRs

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