friday 05/08/2016

Looking for Dragomir I can give you upto 500 clintz

I'm looking for Dragomir
I've Karrion/El divino

Repost. uchtul for glover and bryan i add 5k fix.

i got raven just now smiley) thanks.

thursday 04/08/2016

I sell or trade 370 Crowen 0xp

I look for crs , or cash (7.8k each)

I am looking for any of these 3 big 5s.

Kiki Cr
DJ Korr Cr
Guru Cr

I offer

Showman Cr 0xp
Kalindra Cr full xp
Dalhia Cr full xp
Alec Cr Full xp
Rowdy Cr x2 Full xp
Mona Cr x3 Full xp

Gum x94 some full xp some 0xp
Walkie 100x some full some 0xp
Raoul 100x some full some 0xp
Khann 45x some full some 0xp
Suki 80x some full some 0xp
El Jaguar 60x some full some 0xp
Dr Elisa x20 some full some 0xp
Maio x40 all 0xp

if you are interested and would like to make the trade let me know.
I can also add 1mil in cards which i will pm you.


wednesday 03/08/2016

Pm me if you want to trade.

tuesday 02/08/2016

Now offering 1300 ea 0xp zapatino!

All 0xp
Dregn (71k) C Dusk (60k) Rahi Sledon (31k) C Beast (19,5k) C Wing (19,5k) Oflgn (15k) Saki (46k) Matriochka (18k)
Total 280k
Ymirah 275k

I sell price of market, now i can sell 85k/each smiley

monday 01/08/2016

J'achète Zapatino (1200)

Je veux acheter 2000 Zapatino et je vais offrir 2.45m pour tous. THX

Hola , Hello , Bonjour my buddies smiley
Now i Represent some Cards for Sale / Trade :
I have :
40x Lennard 0xp for 21k (if u buy more than 30 , u get one Free smiley ) (0xp)
25x Nastanovix for 460/piece ( if u buy 25 of them , u get 2 free smiley )(0x)
1x Noctezuma Cr for 176k (0xp)
1x lizbeth for 71k (full xp)

I look for :
- Cr's like Copper Cr , Edd Cr
- lot's (playable)

Have a Lovely Day
P.S --> Message Here or PM smiley

440x Wesley 0xp
160x Joana 0xp

380 clintz each, 370 if you buy 200+

I also have other 3 stars 0xp but not so many (15-50).

sunday 31/07/2016

I buy nahi cr for 300k


I exchange my Elya Cr 0XP against one of the following choices and collectors regardless of experience : Lao Cr or Armanda Cr or Sum Sam Cr or Ndololo Cr or Berserkgirl Cr or Scarlett Cr or Flavio Cr

by vp

Selling lots of 3* 0xp like Wesley, Joana, Svelthlana,Gallen, Luba, Endora, Ernst, Dan, Ice Jim etc. PM me if you are interested.

saturday 30/07/2016

Can this be put in English?

I am ready to trade with you. Pm me. smiley
What do you mean by "100 clintz"? Just 100, or 100k?

I have a General Cr 0xp!!!
I would like to trade my General Cr 0xp + 1M clintz for Guru Cr
If u like to trade contact me please!!!

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