friday 11/11/2016

The batch is inseparable smiley

50 shaker 0xp 30k each

I even trade her for 1 milion + Tanaereva!

Would accept 330k card but not clintz because of the tax.

This is really only for lot sales and big ticket cards.

thursday 10/11/2016

I am selling 100 artus 0xp 2866/t
No negociation !

As title say i want 1.6 million clintz for my elya cr

wednesday 09/11/2016

50 rattle 60k each

Looking for

Shakra 0xp 115k each
Tsubame 85k each
Maria 0xp 95k each

PM me

I am selling 1000 artus 0exp 2899/t smiley


Hi, okay, sorry.
I havent played a week to monitor their price, so as of now.
Impera Sloane 128k
Rattle 49k

tuesday 08/11/2016

All boomba sold

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