sunday 17/07/2016

Send me your offer by pm.

480k is the less.

I can trade For a Noctezuma cr + Blaaster Cr/Jackie Cr/Caelus Cr = 480K


As the title says, Skullface Cr for Dounia Cr and Beck - Nena, if you got any other offer post it

Hi, my Tessa Cr 0xp for NDololo Cr 0xp or Sum Sam Cr 0xp

Hi, My Marlysa Cr 0xp for Armanda Cr 0xp

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Write the name of the card(s) you want to give in return.

My Ombre Cr 0 xp x Jim Cr 0 xp
My Ombre Cr full xp x Jim Cr full xp

Hey guys I have the following lots to sell or trade (will consider any offer). PM for a faster response bc I'm not online often.
25x Cardigan 0xp - 20k each (500k for the lot)
25x Sequoyah 0xp - 2k each (50k for the lot)
15x Nunavik 0xp - 500 each (7.5k for the lot)
10x Hubert 0xp - 1.1k each (11k for the lot)
3x Gats 0xp - 5k each (15k for the lot)

saturday 16/07/2016

As the title states I will trade my 7 Dolly Cr at 16715 for your 1 Mechakolos Cr at 117000 total.
i can do this 70 times.if you give all 70 mechakolos cr i will throw in another Dolly Cr and 10k clintz.
for 35 Mechakolos I will give an extra 10k. this is all in your favor.
PM me for fastest response.

Je souhaite échanger ma Marlysa Cr 0xp (3.5M) pour votre Armanda Cr 0xp (3.5M)

Hello ,
I am selling/trading 43 Gaia 0xp (20k/head)
I want :
Ymirah x1
Kalindra Cr x1
Clive x1
Cortez x1
Spyke x1
Private message me smiley

Hello to everybody i'm interested to a bulk of hawk 0exp that i value 50k each

i can offer some zatman cr 0exp that i value 115k/each

i trade in private sale, if you have other offer u are welcome, contact me

all is negotiable

Please write the prices that you want to sell your cards for smiley

Hi everybody.
I´m looking for: Saki, Konrad, Romana, Gil, Pharmabarb, Arno, Byron, Cortez, Clive, Ratanah, Dregn, Hawk, Lehane, Sera M1, C Dusk, Blaaster Cr.

I have:

Ashley Rb, Ogoun Kyu Rb, Syd Noze Rb, Natrang Rb, Gertrud Rb, Steve Rb, Wardog Rb x3, Billy Bob Rb x2

Ashiko x2, Boohma x2, Cheep x2, Cornelia, Drummond, Esther, Gemmz x2, Rudy, Ayzkub x3, Archibald, Leo, Masamu, Tolliver x3, Victor, Wyre, Veccio, Tino, Selene, Anita x2, Bobby x3, Cleo x3, Denise x3, Daussone, Frida x4, Ghoub x3, Joana x3, Katrina x2, Krash x5, Larry x5, Mark x4, Shirley x3, Suzie x5, Wesley x4
Pierce x2, Wolf x2, Alexandrea x2, Harmonia, Kenjy, Reeplay, Ben x5, Craho, Gudvibz , Jeto, Narendra x2, Nastanovix, Sunnygoat, Willow, Shluck, Zoid, Flint, Gerald x3, Loan, Mindy, Odile, Somba, Bones x3, Capri x3, Lucky Noel x4, Ratchek x5, Moro x4, Scarol x2, Kenjy Noel x3, Molder, Violet, Geo

Flush, Uma, Suqi, Burger, Ed12, Nahomi, Sabia, Jasmine, Glosh, Gordon x2, Hax x2, Ash x3, Lea, Lothar, Beverly, Pam x4, Nancy, Lobo x4, Phoebe, Tanner x2, Tina x2, Ojibway, Cristalys, Marty x2, Bragh, Dagouba, Ronald x3, Ongh, Wendy, Annie x3, Lucky, Ryujin, Argos x2, De Couture x2, Fastbender, Vera x2

El Mariachi, Dixie, Marjory, Tormentah, Arnie, Python, Uxoh, Walker, Aurora x2, Benson x2, Campbell x2, Lennard, Dashiell, Elvira, Pastor x2, Reeve x2, Leliana, Farman, Pr Balthazar, Greow, Nyema, Salsa, Eggman, Qorah, Pr Cushing.

all cards are 0xp, market price

Im looking for Kinichaw Cr
I estimate each one 78k , pm me

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