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monday 29/01/2018

Im offering
1 Berserkgirl Cr 0xp 5m
1 Tessa Cr full xp 3.1m
5 #ymirah cr 0xp 7.5m
5 Dalhia Cr 0xp 2.4m
3 #behemoth full xp 1.8m
1 #quetzal 0xp 800k
which is approx 20.5m
im looking for #lyse teria cr any xp is fine

Want more!

open to other offers too just shoot em at me smiley

I can pay 440k. Put it in my ps

sunday 28/01/2018


Im trading my #Tanaereva Cr Full XP + Numar Full XP for 2x Kougloff

Message me with other offers as well smiley

No i don't need dwain. Have 2 copies of him already.

> check you post and answer smiley
So i take my offer smiley

Im offering
2 Robert Cobb 0xp 2.5m
2 #ymirah cr 0xp 3m
for 1 Alec Mt any xp

1M full xp. Or kenny Mt 0xp vs Award Cr + Clintz

I have DJ Korr Cr 22m

Looking for
Kiki Cr 20m
#cannibal jo cr 6m
#Quetzal 750K
Caelus Cr
Kenny Mt
Message me if your interested willing to bear all offers don't accept lots of more than 5 cards

Are you interested in Tanaereva Cr Full xp

I've only got 5 Kurt 0xp left and 10 Pr Hartnell 0xp smiley

Hello, I am looking for lots of Guillotinette @ 1650 ctz ea, or:
For each x6 Guillotinette (0xp/full) I can give you x5 Melanie (full).
For each x11 Guillotinette I can give you x1 Stompah (full).

If interested, PM me before the transaction, thanks

Buying 1 rage for 350k

As title said, ps me for quick buy. Thanks.

Yeah there used to be a way but I think it got fixed.

Nothanks mpx. And not intrested in nonplayable crs willo

saturday 27/01/2018

For 610k each = 1.22M smiley

I can only do this offer once.

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