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sunday 11/12/2016


you have the trade so i close this.

saturday 10/12/2016

Max I can pay is around 125k now

No offer
I close this selling

All prices are negotiable
Romana 0 exp 50k
Cards I have
Ymirah 0 exp - 365k
Faiza 0 exp 195k
vixen 0 exp 75k
zoe 0 exp 31k
Maurice 0 exp 25k
I can add cash if needed to make up the difference right now I can afford about 15

friday 09/12/2016

I'm selling 22 Mokra 0exp for 33k/each.

I value him around 40k and only have one left

Will close and open new to clarify what is available and re-evaluate cards smiley

Realized I messed that up lol minus draheera + 0 exp dorian and 0 exp Herman

I have still 128 0xp for 5m pm me smiley

Up. also selling x19 Rex Sweig 0xp 150k/each
and looking for trade my Noctezuma Cr 0xp for your full + 10k

Close the post please.
i did the trade

No update from the player past 2 weeks so i close this.

thursday 08/12/2016

Price updated 68k so new price will be 65k smiley

smileysmileyNow also looking for Elya Cr and Lao Cr

I close the thread. I have trade it smiley

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