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tuesday 23/01/2018

150 Spidee 0xp for 10k/unity.

Dissociable if you want, & Mp for trades smiley

Looking for Ymirah Cr
I have 12x Locke (0xp) to trade

My Serafina full xp
For your #quetzal full xp

Mainly looking for clintz but I am willing to trade for high end Cr's and some clintz. Pm me your best offer.

Any xp for x Robb cr

monday 22/01/2018

I change my requests, as the market prices are different now

I trade my Lyse Teria Cr 0xp (21M) and I look for:

Serafina 0xp 680k/t
Cash Maximum 10M - discount 5%


Looking to sell my Sum Sam Cr, if you interested pm me good(better than current market) price guarantees. Looking for a fast reply..

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i sell 100 James 0 xp for 8.5k/head !!! u can win +2.5k per head

first who post i send him


Kiki is not avaible now but pm me there a guru and dj wich wait schatzi smileysmiley


I offer you 2 differents trade :

Kiki Cr 0 xp vs 6 #Nemo Cr 0 xp

Dounia Mt 0 xp 1m8 + Schatzi 0 xp (720k) + #Behemoth 0 xp (600k) + Lee Long 0 xp (120k) + Heegrn Cr 0 xp (60k) + 300K cash => 3m6 your #Nemo Cr 0 xp

I hope to find some

....most of the cheaper cr's in store aswell. Let me know smiley

Not a great deal. Dounia hasn't even hit 2mil

sunday 21/01/2018

No answer

offer cancelled

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