tuesday 21/06/2016

monday 20/06/2016

Looking to sell him for 2 000 000 since he is maxed and no one else is selling a maxed ambrose

Just looking for a Sarah to finish off the Fhtagn Ld missions. I value her at 10k, since her market price seems to revolve around that. I would also be willing to sell her back at a slight loss since I only need her for a little while. Any xp is fine. Feel free to pm me with offers.

Vickie Cr for 900 000

Vickie Cr 900 000

sunday 19/06/2016

U should accept URBAN RIVALS Cookies


Here's the version with ordered date, always nice to make some profit here.

Just don't outbid me ok?

40 tomoe 0 xp if you want smiley

Wanted Ymirah 0 xp (319k),
I accept more than one copy

my letters:
- Dr Copernica Cr (104k)
- Zatman Cr (110k)
- Slyde Cr (18k)
- Shaakarty Cr (80k)
- Noctezuma Cr (175k)
- Marco Cr (107k)
- Lost Hog Cr (22k)
- Terry Cr (15k)
- Smokey Cr (375k)
- Shann Cr (82k)
- Rhed Cr (80k)
- Noodile Cr (38k)
- Kreen Cr (243k)
- Kinichaw Cr (83k)
- Kenny Cr (175k)
- Jacky Cr (350k)
- Jane Ramba Cr (148k)
- Emeth Cr (172k)
- Dalhia Cr (255k)
- Copper Cr (134k)
- Caelus Cr (275k)
- Blaaster Cr (389k)
- Dixie x 2 (14.5k)
- Antoinette x 4 (24k)
- Fairbanks x 4 (55k)
- Miss Xingshu x 3 (20k)
- C Dusk x 2 (42k)
- Joy x 1 (43.5k)
- Drak x 1 (30k)
- Devil Dog x 3 (7.5k)
- Byron x 1 (47k)
- Lennard x 4 (21k)
- Grouchy x 1 (12k)
- Pr Balthazar x 2 (36k)
- Mim x 2 (35.5k)
- Dragomir x 1 (50k)
- Djengo x 3 (25k)
- LaFleur x 3 (16k)
- Sarah x 1 (10k)
- El Mariachi x 3 (25.5k)

All 0xp

I tade my guru0xp for korr + 200k

If you're interested pm me .

saturday 18/06/2016


-> go to auctions

Kawan sai san na boh sold smiley

25 Zatman Cr 0xp 120k/each
Elya Cr ull 1M520k

50 Sandy 0xp 650/each
16 Nobrodroid 0xp 27k/each

friday 17/06/2016

Would also trade for Mona Cr + Moai x12

I offer 60 rexsweig 0xp (6.480.000) +2.2 mil cash for general

I can send John and Azel for Graks ok?

Adding also Suqi and Zatman to the list.

Zatman and Suqi should be 0xp if possible.

thursday 16/06/2016

3 messages

Still buying them all Send offers!

Willing to trade my wooly for your joy

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