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sunday 21/01/2018

End zion winner Price reserve congrts in your sp THK

Offer available until midnight

2.74m on her

Yea I got that @Wolf, I was just wondering why people were posting offers way below it then smiley

Im willing to add a Shinobi 0xp +320k for #marshal

I avalue Behemoth 0xp 580k/u.
10 Behemoth = 5M800k

I offer 27 Newell 0xp 215k/u
27 Newell = 5M805k

Send PM for trades.

I put sera at 630k

Ok both of them have been traded smiley Thank you to the players who took up the offer! smiley

For the rest of you, I know what you're thinking now: https://imageshack.com/a/img924/9681/6eUMsm.png

To that I say, don't worry! There will probably be other offers just as sweet (if not better!) down the road!

For now that's it, the thread is closed, cya smiley

Hello i trade Victor Van Dort 0xp vs Barden 0xp +10k individualy or in sets smiley
Victor Van Dort 50k
Barden 40k

THX. Pm me if interessed

Ah and while I prefer 0xp copies of the uncommons I'm looking for I don't value them differently. Maybe I'll pay with a full xp Nemo if the bulk of cards ends up being full xp also. But first let's see if there even is someone looking to trade smiley

Yup would also like to know the values you give to each one and what you are looking for

I have jim cr bro.. add me if you want to trade

I’ll add 500,000 to both offers

Reserve hasnt reached so im closing the theme


I'm trading Rass Cr smiley.

Looking for Ymirah Cr + Xantiax Robb Cr.

We can get to agreements smiley.

saturday 20/01/2018

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