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friday 25/11/2016

Buying all Miloz 0xp for 15k each. Thank you very much

Finished. Thx all smiley

You need to mention the cards you search with the estimate of each card.

Paying 1,400 per capri 0xp only

Looking for about 20 or so
Sent the over

Rattle (42k) + Mim (27k) + Shaker (26k) + Greendy (15k) + 10k clintz for your Nekron? Its about 120k in cards/clintz

Thanks, never actually used the forums before. Idfk what I'm doing

Buying for 17k each

thursday 24/11/2016

Not looking for Nausicaa anymore due to a kind individual smiley

As title says I have a yimah to trade sell oxp
I value at 420k and I am looking for 14 dj korps 0xp

I double my compliment to 4k per saki 0xp smiley

Hi everyone,

Everything is written in the title.
I am offering the Caelus Cr 0exp and you provide the Kerozinn Cr smiley


Looking to sell or make a trade for my account.

I have tonnes of cards that are under 10k but I won't put them here as it will just take too long but they'll all be yours with this account. I have 13 pages of cards including all stars LD and Skeelz LD.

Credits: 13 - Gold 26 Silver 40 Bronze 46
Clintz: 542,795

Drakorah 30k
Zaria 55k
Imperia Sloane 113k
Rex Sweig 130k
Blaaster Cr 330k
Geoffrey 36k
Solomon 14k
Shogun 10k
Vermyn N 73k
Wilde 17k
Boris Cr 30k
Dixie 12k
Juicy Lord 16k
Rattle 43k
Shaker 25k
Brutus 19k
Pearl 12k
Mim 33k

edited by Infiniti thursday 24/11/2016, 01:41

wednesday 23/11/2016


Switch Dahlia with Jackie Cr

or in the second offer
Take away Spyke Cr and change Copper Cr with Smokey Cr

A crazy offer but I will complete my lot.

6 Tsubame 0xp for 1 Ymirah 0xp.

It´s allthing said...

450k flat. Non negotiable. PM me/send private trade.

Estimation of all the cards requiredand the cards you search for trade too

edited by Levi_72 wednesday 23/11/2016, 14:09

Whats to say he dont have 2 Ndololo Cr?

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