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friday 19/01/2018

Bought one thanks

Please post the EXP of the cards you have and want, and your estimate value of each of the cards, so people know what they are getting involved with.

Thank you and good luck.

Xantiax robb cr
Smokey mt
Dahlia cr
Hawkins cr

Want alec mt

thursday 18/01/2018

Good evening,

Tonight, I can trade Xantiax Robb Cr 0xp (2.5M) + a Roderick 0xp (300k) = 2.8M against 4 Butcher Braxton 0xp (630k/t = 2520k)

First come first served.

Cards sent and received!
Closing this thread!

5 #Robb Cr 0xp still available. (Clintz Only)

Come da titolo vendo lotto di 92 Noland (15k) full.

Kavin - 390k
Killic - 430k
Killic takes this one, sending cards over

The transaction has been made, closing the auction.

Hi everybody, I'm looking for the following cards 0xp:
- Marshall (640k)
- Judge Lynch (200k)
- Dakota (200k)

In exchange I offer:
- Newell Full (195k)
- Newell 0xp (215k)
- Serafina Full (620k)

I'm also looking for Butcher Braxton Full or 0xp in exchange of this cards plus clintz eventually:
- Sigma Cr Full (140k)
- Chiara Cr 0xp (115k)
- Newell Full (190k)
- Mjollnirah Full (39k)
- Oshitsune 0xp (64k)
- Rad Full (16k)
- Faiza 0xp (54k)

contact me via mp if interested smiley

Ill add a bonus to the trade, just message me guyssmiley

Hey guys, im looking for C0re im offer 3x Edd Cr full xp for the trade..

if u are interesting, lemme know..

happy gaming smiley

Sent cards :

He won 0 KILLIC

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