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tuesday 13/12/2016

No Nam, Lennox, Fifty, El Jaguar, Kenjy Noel, Cesare, Lance, Cindy, and Ichiko All sold

THere we go:

30k/head in cash!

Enjoy smiley

OK guys I go down 18/head for an offer in cash!

You can buy a part of it too smiley

10 noctezuma cr 0xp - 193K/T ( ppm 200k )
50 xu-kr4ng 0xp - 26,5K/T ( ppm 28k )


@Lvei_72 wait what i dont get it what is /t?

monday 12/12/2016

Its too long to do for me so ill just end the selling and just stick to guild selling

Add 8 Spyke Cr 0xp and close.
Pm if interested

Cassandra 0xp = dixie 0xp?

Might be doing Levi's job here for him, but...

You have to list each individual Raptors card, value him according to current market price, then value the whole thing properly.
Takes a long time, but has to be done I'm afraid!

Straight trade, according to market manon and Scarlett are valued more and I don't care about losing some in the trade.

Opened to negociation

sunday 11/12/2016

1 Vixen 0xp, I'm looking for 76k clintz or the equivalent in cards,

I'll hear all offers

I cant send you a message . OPEN your PM pls smiley


you have the trade so i close this.

saturday 10/12/2016

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