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wednesday 30/11/2016

100 aaron 0xp 7k/e (700k)
100 mango 0xp 5k/e (500k)
swidz cr 0xp 270k

Arturo and Zhu Tang for my Macumba Rb

Write down the price you sell/trade and for trade also write the cards you search negotiations can be done later.


you need to mention the estimations of cards and also the cards you search is mandatory.
also your auction cannot end at EST timings, Its according to GMT +1 ( example gmt +1, 18h00 ( last offer accepted is 17:59:59 )
thanks smiley

0 xp greem's sold, 28 chiara cr 's left


tuesday 29/11/2016

I am looking to buy about 20 Nameko (or a few more, not that picky). I have 50k clintz as well as some cards I can trade. Interested in any xp. PM me with offers/questions.

Estimations of your search is necessary.. Negotiations can be done later

Hi ill buy all your 3 star cards 0 xp for 300 clintz each
Directly into my ps
Pm if u have lots or bulk maybe we can upgrade my price a little bit

Current price is 600k smiley

Estimations of your card and your search is required negotiations can be done thru pm.


I am looking for the last for Cr to complete my collection of Cr's smiley

DJ Korr Cr (11m5)
Lyse Teria Cr (9m5)
Armanda Cr (2m)
Lao Cr (1m

I have many bulk 0 xp to offer, that's negociable :

200 Oogway (2.5k/t)
100 Moai (12kk/t)
500 Mandy (3k/t)
100 Floyd (13k/t)
100 Sarah (13.5k/t)
30 Dragomir (42k/t)

100 C Wing (9.5k/t)
100 Deea (5.5k/t)
100 Kobalth (3k/t)
1000 Neloe (2k/t)
50 Naele (15k/t)

10 Charlie (110k/t)
100 Elly Mae (8k/t)
100 Anibal (11k/t)
100 Russel (3.8k/t)
100 Belgosi (5k/t)
10 Impera Sloane (120k/t)
10 Wardom (20k/t)
15 Kazayan (25k/t)

6 Tanaereva Cr (500k/t)
40 Dr Copernica Cr (105k/t)
16 Dounia Cr (355k/t)
300 Heegrn Cr (17k/t)

Thx in advance,

Added tag, dont forget to add tag next time smiley

Im looking for Oon 0xp 3k5/h pm for big lot i have cash cards and cr smiley

monday 28/11/2016

Write what cards you are interested and their price estimations. Thanks.

noctezuma cr 185 k
sylth cr 155 k
emeth cr 125 k
raam 85 k
chad bread cr 78 k
edd cr 67 k

i can go on
ask me if you have something you wanna give and isnt on this list

sunday 27/11/2016

I'm trading my Tessa (avaliated in 1,55M) for Kerozinn full xp (avaliated in 1,2M) + 350k in cards or 350k clintz.


I also search Charlie any xp 89k.

I have a ymirah 0xp I value at 385000 I am looking to trade for lots of the 5 stars below only 0xp

Vince 1800 ph
Estalt 2800 ph
Sigurd 1700 ph
Hendez 3500 ph
Fifty 2600 ph
Lennox 3900 ph
Sung tsu 5400 ph
Tameshi 5600 ph
Daqun 1300 ph
Erpeto 1400 ph
Adler 1100 ph
Nahema 2600 ph

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