friday 16/09/2016

Send me 2 Pr Hartell

I buy you Quinzels 0xp for 3.5k, message me if interested

if you sell 10 I buy them for 3.65k
if oyu sell 20 I buy them for 3.8k
If you sell 50 I buy them for 4k

I want to buy 18 Ginnifer 0xp

At 4500/ea

Put in my ps

Currently buying all henry 12k/t

@ 0 Arisa Thank you for reminder.

1. My Aldebaran Cr for Flavio Cr.
2. My Rass Cr for either one of Lao Cr & Berserkgirl Cr.

I'm selling

5 Emeth Cr 0xp(180k/each)

I'm looking for:
Your Offers

thursday 15/09/2016

I buy yours zatman cr 0xp for 110k each . Or trade mines zatman full + 11k cash for yours

Either two. Ex: Lao Cr + Berserkgirl Cr.

wednesday 14/09/2016


Dwain Cr 0xp for 400k each
Ratanah Rb 0xp for 18k each

Salit. Je achat vous miloz 0xp per 11.8k/t
Par vp

Mona + 15k -> 2 zat

I'm selling
20 Hemdall 0xp, 44k/t
10 Sabia 0xp, 10k/t

tuesday 13/09/2016

Pm me with price and amount


Looking to buy ramath cheap since I only have 135k to buy him with so if anyone is interested then please please pm me. thanks smiley

Okay, all lots gone, thread closed. smiley

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