tuesday 10/05/2016

Josephine sold smiley

You realise tuck on market is 8k and graven 12k?

monday 09/05/2016

Hi smiley

estim a lot of 1000 gatuhica 0xp smiley?


Lyse 5.5M

Kiki cr 8M

I offer dregn 0xp + 3 virginia 0xp

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Ok no longer have blaaster cr and dont need bristone or spiaghi.

now looking only for 1000-2000 zapatino

I'm looking to improve my collection , so i don't look only for cr's . make a list with what you got for trade and sed it to me ( cards above 10k only )

thank you

Drakorah and wilde sold. only zaria and shaker left

sunday 08/05/2016

Looking for Octana 0xp 20k/h , vp smiley

I offer general for 300mokra 0 xp + 450k smileysmiley

I'm interested in:
gradymag x1 1950
van hecton x4 2000

Bonjour, j'ai;

Zatman Cr full 110k
Shann Cr Full 85k
Eddie Cr 0xp 40k
Sigma Cr Full 60k
Shaakarti Cr 0xp 85k
Mona Cr Full 205k
Lamar Cr Full 1.4m
Dagg Cr Full 90k
Blaaster Cr Full 340k
Dj Korr Cr 0xp 10.5m

je voudrais les cartes que tu ne peut pas jouer dans elo, e.g
Zapatino 1.4k/t (max. 1000)
Cyb Lhia 10k/t (max. 100)
Herman 9k/t (max. 100)
Greem 9k/t (max. 100)
Sammy 9k/t (max. 100)


36 full exp, rest 0exp -> 6k/e by ps smiley

I want to buy Scoler 0xp at 3k each.Send directly to My private sales and PM me smiley

Sorry for the late response, Lamar Cr in your PS. Thanks for the business smiley

saturday 07/05/2016

This is old thread mate..forgot to close it..not sure if it still applies.

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