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saturday 13/01/2018

Sending you cards

Yep lol, I had some kind of bug. Anyway smiley

1 #cortez gone
Mona Cr gone

no longer need #Maana cercei

Hello everybody!

As the title says, i sell Kerozinn Cr and Jim Cr which I value 2,100,000 clintz and 1, 500,000, respectively;I'm also searching for Xantiax Robb, which I value around 2,500,000.. Negotiations via mp. I'm waiting for your offers!

Found it thx to you IKE smiley

friday 12/01/2018

Did gen. For manon/Vickie.

Just need scarlet and ymirah for my Kiki cr

Hi i want trade my #Irowjaw 0 xp (43k) for 1 Barden (Piranas) any xp (40k)
Send me a pm smiley

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