tuesday 13/09/2016

There are jackie crs on the market for less than 440k

For your Flavio Cr or Berserkgirl Cr or Lao Cr

PM me if you are interested in my Aldebaran Cr, thanks.

monday 12/09/2016

Up 350k

Down to 30k/u

sunday 11/09/2016

Oh oops.


I sell :

- 100 Crowen 0exp : 5k/u
- 100 Tameshi 0exp : 5,8k/u
- 39 Magnar 0exp : 4,2k/u
- 26 Pandagran 0exp : 7,5k/u


since you kept and auction of 850 mango 0xp you're not eligible to post a trade/sell the mango's here, so i close it , thanks and good luck smiley

Robb Cr is full xp and I'm looking for a full xp rowdy

Too little

Nahi Cr full + 10k? vs u 0 xp

saturday 10/09/2016

And buy bublgmm 0exp 300 clintz each

10.001k smiley

Hi smiley

you care lot of lafleur 0xp, wonder lana 0xp ? if yes mpsmiley

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