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friday 12/01/2018

Hi i want trade my #Irowjaw 0 xp (43k) for 1 Barden (Piranas) any xp (40k)
Send me a pm smiley

Edd cr ruru gone
no longer need marshal raam

Is ynirah 0 exp ? How many do you havevfor trade?


I propose a good offer for your #nemo cr

400 James 0 xp (4m) vs 1 #nemo cr 0 xp (3.3m on market !! )


Lovehina 1,28m
rudra 1,2m
aladin 1,18m
killic 1,43m

fu*king killic is the winner from my bid (again) smiley

sending now

I see, I still remember recently there is a 4+1 pack free.. and I get 4 digging bill... and a barden... gg haha

Congratulations Vintegro you just won the auction.

Thank you all for participating.

Sending you card

Sounds good

I have kruger

I can add 5 Heegrn Cr 0 xp

Lami mp !

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